How to install Genymotion on Arch Linux

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this blog last since I’ve been quite busy on a project I’ve been working on so yes expect this blog to be inconsistent. Anyways I have a new video on installing Genymotion on Arch Linux.

The Android emulator that comes with the Android SDK is a little bit slow even on fast computers. Genymotion is a fast Android emulator so it’s a good alternative. It has plugins for Android Studio and Eclipse IDEs.

The video shows how to install Genymotion on Arch Linux, a rolling Linux distribution. It shows how to get and install the package from the AUR (Arch User Repository). Genymotion depends on VirtualBox in launching virtual devices. However, on Arch Linux some of the required modules in Genymotion and VirtualBox are not loaded automatically so in the video I also show how to install VirtualBox and load the required modules (More info on VirtualBox can be found at the wiki page).